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Internet and Email Information
Do know everything about your internet service?
What about your email?
Using a wireless internet?
Have your own website?

Get your head into your computer and find out more
about your internet and email services.
Security and Protection Information
How secure is your system?
Antivirus Software
Spyware/Malware Protection
Electrical Problems? use a surge protector/battery backup!
Don't monkey around with your the
security information workssheet now to if your protection is
Computer Backup System
Backing up the "stuff" in your computer?
Do you have original CD/DVD's of your software?
Review your backup system here
Click the burning computer before
your information goes
up in smoke!
Keep track of ALL of the information about your internet, virus protection, spyware
protection and backup systems.
Download our worksheets, fill out as much as you can.
All of the forms can be expanded and customized for your particular system.
Schedule an appointment with themaestro to figure out what is missing.
Reduce your frustration.
Keep your system secure, your internet up and running and your data protected.