Maestro Computing Services
Restart your computer DAILY.
Frustrated by a slow, unresponsive computer?
Don't throw it out until the Maestro has run a
performance analysis and tune-up.
This may all you need to keep your computer
running more efficiently.
We Make Your System Sing!
Don't abuse your computer. Give it a rest. A
quick restart will refresh and re-engergize the
system and return memory that has been lost
due to the memory leak effect
Virus Protection DOES NOT protect against Spyware or
All of the major virus protection titles claim they protect against
spyware/malware infection. Unfortunately, I've seen too many
computers infected with Spyware that had current virus
Windows computers need at least 2 forms of security protection
Virus Protection.
Spyware/Malware Protection.
Both software titles should have automatic updates, and real-time
always on protection.
The Maestro recommends & supports ESET/NOD32 Antivirus
The Maestro recommends & supports having at least 2
spyware protection titles.
Malwarebytes is a powerful, free tool to diagnose and repair many
types of spyware and malware.
Webroot Spysweeper is a good subscription based spyware
protection tool.
There are a variety of options available to
backup or copy the information saved in
your computer.
Computer hardware can any time.
taking your information with it. Don't risk
losing your important information..Get a
backup system TODAY!
Maestro Computing has a backup system
to fit your budget.
Regular Computer Maintenance and
Tune-ups can improve computer